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Helping you achieve

your health goals....


Conditions Treated


Acute health problems - colds and flu, acute infections, gi upsets, children’s health problems, such as ear infection, injury recovery, emotional stress, grief….

Chronic health problems - fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, allergies, digestive problems, anxiety and depression, heavy metal toxicity, ADHD, women’s health concerns such as painful menses, PMS, menopause, yeast infections, skin disorders, heart and blood vessel disease, chronic negative thinking, destructive core beliefs…

Prevention and health optimization…nutritional counselling,

wellness and lifestyle counselling


Complementary Care - Using natural therapies to complement

and support regular medical care as in some cases of cancer and

some other conditions where conventional care is essential


2ndOpinion - when you need another perspective on conventional

medical approaches

Free Introductory Consultation - We offer a free introductory

consultation.to all new patients.  We will briefly discuss your health

concerns with you, and then give our sincere opinion about whether

we think we can help. We will  also give you an idea of how we would

approach your case.  Then, if you are comfortable with the process you may schedule a full initial consultation. 


Commitment, Effort, and Teamwork...


Rebuilding your health naturally requires commitment, effort and teamwork. We aspire to provide compassionate, caring and effective natural health-care  where we work with you, to help you achieve your health and well-being goals.

If you have any concerns or questions which come up after your appointment, please call us. Dr. Doug will be happy to return your call if Elaine is unable to answer your questions.


Wishing you the best in your journey to better health!


Old Growth Cedar, Selkirk Mountains, BC