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Our Approach

Most patients who see us have 3 concerns about their medical care. 

One - they would like more time with their doctor.

Two – they want to take less pharmaceuticals. 

Three – they want to experience wellness and overall vitality, but many patients feel that their overall vitality has not been a priority for their doctor. If lab tests are normal the patient has been told they are OK even if they are feeling poorly.


As a naturopathic doctor I provide my patients with an alternative to conventional medicine and drug therapy.  I stress wellness and long term health, not just symptom removal. I help you  to detoxify both body and mind to help prevent the onset of chronic health problems.  I treat underlying allergies and sensitivities that are disrupting the flow of vitality. I encourage lifestyle changes that will preserve and improve your health for the rest of your life.


Most health problems result from imbalances in our body/ mind system. These imbalances can result from many different causes such as: genetic predisposition, undiagnosed allergies, toxic exposures to chemicals and metals, infectious agents, overuse of drugs (prescription, over the counter or street), chronic loss of sleep,  injuries, poor lifestyle, and life stresses and emotional issues that haven’t been dealt with.


Our goal is to address the cause of your symptoms, and to support the body in healing itself, so that one can be truly healthier. This contrasts with the conventional approach wherein symptoms are normally eradicated with a drug. Tylenol may temporarily get rid of a headache, for example, but this does nothing to get rid of the cause of the headache.


                          The first office visit:

                          On the first complete office visit we spend about an hour. This includes a

                          review of your health history, a relevant physical exam, screening to assess

                          potential allergies, and a discussion of diet, lifestyle and stresses. Then

                          a treatment program will be prescribed that may include allergy treatment,                           herbal medications, detoxification protocols, lifestyle recommendations such as

                          exercise and stress reduction plans, nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets,

                          injection therapies and homeopathic remedies. All of these will serve to

                          stimulate your own internal healing processes and bring your body back to

                          balance and vitality.  Diagnostic tests may be required, and records may be

                          requested from previous physicians.  Treatment plans are individualized for

                          each patient.


The Importance of Follow-up

I see most patients with a chronic health problem for a follow-up visit one to three weeks after the initial visit, and then regularly for a number of months. In this period of time we usually see substantial improvements. At each visit the treatment plan will be modified based on how you are doing. Long term follow-up may vary from every month to every 3 months or simply having you come in when you feel you need a tune up.

Because we are all individuals with individual problems, the time it takes to feel really well again will vary depending on the nature of the problem, the severity of the symptoms, and how well you are able to comply with the treatment program.


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