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Resources for Healthier Living

Health Food Stores in Vernon

Nature's Fare

Anna's Vitamins

Lifestyle Natural Foods 

Locally Grown Organic Food

Pilgrims Produce

Green Croft Gardens

Dr. Doug's Articles  many more to come

tuneup   Tuning Up Your Body - Paying attention to the basics 

castor oil  Castor Oil Packs - Cleansing, detox, and immune support 

Myers      This simple intravenous injection helps tremendously with fatigue, immune deficiency, fibromyalgia and more

Video Links to Save the Planet and Ourselves

The Story of Stuff  Great perspective on overconsumption, lack of sustainability and how we are poisoning the planet and ourselves with respect to STUFF, COSMETICS, WATER BOTTLES, etc

TED.com  Fantastic collection of 18 minute talks by the most incredible people - inspiring, educational, motivational, and entertaining

Food Matters  Great film about the food and pharmaceutical industry, watch the trailer here, and get motivated to eat healthier

Eat Local, Eat Real Food  Short Canadian video about how we are getting most of our food from elsewhere

Food Inc. Trailer   Trailer for Food Inc., documentary about how corporations are compromising the quality of our food in the pursuit of profit

Detoxing Your Home and Life

www.lesstoxicguide.ca    Excellent site with recipes for household cleaning and lots of information on household toxins   

Weight Loss: HCG Diet  

Check this link to a series of videos describing the HCG diet 

HCG Diet explained