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Tuning Up Your Body

Have you changed the oil in your car lately? Checked your tire pressure and tread? Had a safety check? Had a seasonal tune-up?

Most of us wouldn’t thinkof driving our cars without doing some routine maintenance. But when it comes to our own bodies – we often don’t pay much real attention until something starts breaking down - and even then we wouldn’t think of spending money on our health like we do on our cars. We usually just address the problem with a quick fix, such as a pill for a headache. This is like trying to fix a leak in your radiator hose with duct tape. We need to address the underlying cause - lack of maintenance.

Personal Health Maintenance

When did you last do an “oil change” on yourself? There are thousands of toxins and chemicals in our environment that we’re exposed to on a regular basis. Our bodies get significantly burdened with these, and then we add toxins that we knowingly put into our bodies - cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, chemicalized and processed foods. It’s no wonder our bodies eventually get tired of it all and start to cough and sputter like a car badly in need of a tune-up.

Paying Attention to Basics

Regular bodily maintenance involves paying attention to the basics - and these can be summed up in the acronym NEWSTART. If you want to make a newstart as far as your health is concerned you need to pay attention to:

Nutrition The food and additional supplements that you put in your body on a daily basis. You will get optimum mileage out of good, quality fuel.

Exercise Helps to keep the carbon off the valves, builds, strengthens and helps detoxify the body.

Water You need plenty of pure water to cleanse and keep your body hydrated; running low on water is like running your car low on oil.

Sunshine Sunshine chases the mental blues away and also allows your body to produce Vitamin D.

Temperance This is simply the minimizing or avoidance of harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, food additives, preservatives, chemicals. Would your put sugar in your gas tank?

Air As our air becomes more polluted clean pure air becomes more and more important. Your car won’t run well with a dirty air filter, neither will you do well breathing polluted air. Breathe deep!

Rest and Relaxation Your body, mind, and spirit need to have complete rest each day to rebuild, recuperate, and rejuvenate.

Trust and a Positive Mental Attitude Trust in a higher power, in the order of the universe; whatever your personal beliefs, studies show that those with faith in some spiritual belief are healthier and live longer.

Make a Committment to Your Health

These are the basics of everyday maintenance. Everyone would benefit from the above. However, if you suffer from more significant health problems you’ll need more specific guidance in how to help your body reclaim its natural state of health. 

Dr. Doug  specializes in treating chronic health problems using gentle, natural and effective remedies. By supporting the body’s inherent healing energy and paying attention to the message behind symptoms (addressing the true cause of symptoms) real health and vitality can be achieved.

So, make a conscious choice to be healthier! If you’ve got nagging symptoms, don’t just cover them up with a drug. Make a commitment to health and start your regular health maintenance program now. After all, aren’t you worth more than your car?